SERVIER Award in Microcirculation

This award is offered by SERVIER (donation 4,000 €) in partnership with the European Society for Microcirculation for an outstanding publication on microcirculation/vascular biology research in the experimental or the clinical environment. The project proposed must be original research, of international relevance and significant value and be consistent with the main objectives of the ESM. If you or one of your colleagues have published a very significant study during the last two years, please apply (or nominate a colleague) for this award!

Servier Award Deadline 28 February 2015

Servier Award 2010

Dr. Jun Yin Dr. Jun Yin
Institute of Physiology, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany,
in recognition of the articles:
"Negative-feedback loop attenuates hydrostatic lung edema via a cGMP-dependent regulation of transient receptor potential
vanilloid 4" by J Yin, J Hoffmann, SM Kaestle, N Neye, L Wang, J Baeurle, W Liedtke, S Wu, H Kuppe, AR Pries & WM Kuebler
Circulation Research 102: 966-974 (2008), and
"Lung endothelial dysfunction in congestive heart failure role of impaired Ca2+ signaling and cytoskeletal reorganization" by A Kerem, J Yin, SM Kaestle, J Hoffmann, AM Schoene, B Singh, H Kuppe, MM Borst & WM Kuebler Circulation Research 106: 1103-1116 (2010).

Servier Award 2008

Dr. Jacqueline Shields & Dr. Mark FleuryDr. Jacqueline Shields & Dr. Mark Fleury
Lab for Mechanobiology and Morphogenesis Sciences de la vie, Institute of Bioengineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland
in recognition of the article
"Autologous chemotaxis as a mechanism of tumor cell homing to lymphatics via interstitial flow and autocrine CCR7 signaling" by J.D. Shields, M.E. Fleury, C. Young, A.A. Tomei, G.J. Randolph, M.A. Swartz Cancer Cell 11: 526-538 (2007)

Servier Award 2006

Dr. Terhi KärpänenDr. Terhi Kärpänen
Molecular/Cancer Biology Lab, University of Helsinki, Finland
in recognition of the article
"Defective valves and abnormal mural cell recruitment underlie lymphatic vascular failure in lymphedema distichiasis"
by T.V. Petrova, T. Kärpänen, C. Normén, R. Mellor, T. Tamakoshi, D. Finegold, R. Ferrell, D. Kerjaschki, P. Mortimer, S. Ylä-Herttuala, N. Miura & K. Alitalo Nature Medicine 10:974-981 (2004)

Servier Award 2004

Christopher Heeschen & Alexandra Aicher et al.
Frankfurt, Germany
"Essential role of endothelial nitric oxide synthase for mobilization of stem and progenitor cells" Nature Medicine 9 (11):1370-1376,2003


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