Hermann Rein Award 2018

Servier Award for Microcirculation

The German Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology invites scientists to apply for the Hermann Rein Award for excellent contributions to the field of experimental and clinical research in microcirculation and vascular biology sponsored by Servier Deutschland GmbH.

This prize of 2.000 € will be awarded at the upcoming Second Joint Meeting between the German Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology and the Dutch Endothelial Biology Society & Dutch Society for Microcirculation held 21-23 November 2018 in Amsterdam. The awardee will be chosen by a panel of referees from three selected finalists, which present their work in a special Hermann Rein Award session at the meeting.

We accept individual applications and nominations by colleagues.
All applications should be sent by email until July 15, 2018 to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Documents for individual application:
- One original research paper published or accepted for publication (pdf file) as single or first author (written consent of co-authors is necessary).
- If an excellent study has been published by equal contribution of 2 scientists, a joint application is possible.
- The date of publication should not be more than 2 years before the application deadline.
- CV, areas of research, publication list (pdf file).

If the potential awardee is nominated by colleagues (nominations should include author(s) and article), the corresponding documents will be requested by the award committee from the suggested candidates.

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