Obituary: Professor Olga Hudlicka

With great sadness, I would like to inform the members of the European Society for Microcirculation that Professor Olga Hudlicka passed away recently. She was active until her last days working as Emeritus Professor at the University of Birmingham.
She was very well-known and appreciated in the scientific community world-wide, because of her enormous contribution to the field of microcirculation and to understand general physiology. She published more than 200 papers, chapters and reviews and edited 3 books.

Stuart Egginton, Akos Koller, Olga Hudlicka, Mayumi Kajimura, Steve Segal
Stuart Egginton, Akos Koller, Olga Hudlicka, Mayumi Kajimura, Steve Segal

Her life was full of adventure. After escaping from the communist Czechoslovakia in 1968, she moved to Birmingham and stayed there until the end of her life. I have heard about her first in the early 70’s in Hungary, secretly, because we were not supposed to mention her name because she escaped to the West! Then, later I met her in person and learned what a great scientist and person she was. Interestingly, as it turned out later during a dinner conversation at a Microcirculatory Society Meeting, her husband and Gabor Kaley were together in a labor camp in Bor, (in former Yugoslavia), during the Second World War.

I was lucky to see her last year at the IUPS Conference in Birmingham, when she invited us to her home for a dinner (see picture attached). It was delightful to talk to her and enjoy her wisdom of life.

She had received many awards and recognitions, but what I am the most happy for is the Malpighi Award (European Society for Microcirculation) in 2008, when I had the privilege to organize the ESM Conference, in Budapest, Hungary.
She has collaborated world-wide and all of us listened to her scientific advices and painfully logical questions. She always welcomed the young scientists in her lab or talked to them at the poster sessions of meetings. Everybody sensed when she was around.

We will all miss her, another giant has left us.

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Akos Koller
ESM, Secretary General

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